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Safer Oral Sex

To make oral sex safer for yourself and your swinging partner, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Use of a latex condom (for men) – for men this is the most effective protective method. The down side to this is, the person receiving the
pleasure will lessens in sensation while the giving the pleasure will experience a rubbery taste for the condom. To overcome this, we suggest that you use condom with a favor for better tasting and a thinner condom for sensation.
  1. Use of latex dental dam (for women) – this is the most effective prevention from STD's for women. Most dental dams are manufacture with a flavor to cater to different tastes.
  1. For preventive measures, for the man avoid coming in someone's mouth. Spit out the semen immediately.
  1. Beware of any sore or discharge – these may occur on and around the penis and vagina area. If these are present avoid having oral sex or any other sexually activities for that matter.

  1. Do not brush or floss your teeth right before you have oral sex – this is because flossing and brushing may
tear the mouth area, hence increasing the exposure to viruses. If you wish to refresh your breath before kissing, try using a mouthwash or have a mint lolli instead.


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