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Oral Sex

Oral sex is a common sexual activity when it comes to swinging. Often oral sex is a part of the foreplay process. Oral sex for women is known as cunnilingus. This involves stimulation of the vagina with the tongue. Oral sex for men
is known as fellatio. Men receive this pleasure by having their penis sucked, licked, and kissed.

As oral sex involves the genitals and the mouth is it seen unsafe to many. The truth is unprotected oral sex is presumably much safer than unprotected anal sex or even unprotected vaginal intercourse. Although this is the case there are
still many risk factors that you may not be aware of. Through the broken gums, teeth diseases, and ulcers, unprotected oral sex is an open door to sexually transmitted disease (STD's) such as genital herpes.

For many swingers performing oral sex take some courage, well at least for the very first time. Many find that the taste and smell repulsive, while other find it very arousing. For those who are receiving the pleasure of oral sex it is something which is just indescribable.


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