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Alcohol and Drugs

A swinging lifestyle is all about providing interaction with other couples and singles and to provide the opportunity for pleasure.

Alcoholic drinks are often use on these occasion. For most of us the use of alcohol can put a bit of courage back into us during conversation with new friends we meet, but drink wisely. Don’t consume any more alcohol then what your
body can take. Imagine how embarrassing it would be if you had too much to drink and is unable to sexually perform when needed. Also there is nothing more disgusting then having to clean up your mess.

Drugs are prohibited from any swinging parties, events and clubs. Since there is a risk correlation between the use of drugs and the spread of aids, the swinging community try to minimize any levels of risk associated.

As a number of couples in the swinging community are professional, the abuse of alcohol and drugs are not widely use. Any form of drug use or abusive drinking will immediately see you and your partner remove from most swinger’s clubs, organizations, and associations.


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